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  • Full and comprehensive child exams

  • Full and comprehensive newborn exams at hospital

  • Hemoglobin

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Urinalysis

  • Quick strep test, quick flu, and RSV

  • Mononucleosis test and pulmonary function test

  • Hearing screen

  • Tympanometric hearing test

  • Pregnancy test

  • Vision screens

  • Simple laceration repair

  • Referrals

Newborn exams



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Vision screens

Child exams



Hearing tests

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High Quality Service and Patient Satisfaction

Our practice is focused on providing high quality service and patient satisfaction. We believe that your children's needs are of the most important with only one result, a high repeat percentage of care.


Pediatric Care. At Fort Myers Pediatrics, children of all ages receive genuine, expert pediatric care. We know that nothing is more important than helping your sick child feel better. That is why your child deserves the best care and treatment at all stages of their life. When approaching certain symptoms, it is important that your child be screened for common ailments or illnesses. Whether you visit us due to a pre-natal consultation, examination, or clinic visit with one of our pediatric specialists, you will find that our doctors will work together to provide the best results possible for your child.


Acute Illness. Ear infection, runny noses, stomach aches, and itchy rash, these are a few of the typical illnesses that occur in children everywhere. Nearly every child will develop a fever at some point. The challenge for parents is to keep their child comfortable while observing for any signs of serious illness. Although a high fever itself is not life-threatening, it can be alarming. For children over 3 months, fever reducers can help, but a very high fever should be treated by a doctor. From prenatal visits and preventive care to treatments of acute illnesses, Fort Myers Pediatrics offers medical treatment for children from infancy through adolescence.


Personalized Examination. Your child's doctor will perform an examination of your child when diagnosing or evaluating illness. It can help detect possible illness, or help determine how well your child is coping with existing problems. Our goal is to identity your child's possible sickness and to offer opportunities for early remediation. Fort Myers Pediatrics will give you an opportunity to discuss any physical or developmental changes you have noted in your child.


Immunization. One very important step in ensuring the health of your child is to make sure he or she receives immunizations at the correct time. Immunization or vaccination are set of shots given to infants and children to help keep them from developing dangerous childhood diseases. It is designed to protect infants and children early in life before they are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases.


If you have inquiries about the vaccines your child should be receiving, or are interested in learning more about them, give us a call today.